Publications and academic activities


1. Freedom in Contention: Social Movements and Liberal Political Economy, Lexington (2021).

2. Inequality: An Entangled Political Economy Perspective, Palgrave Macmillan (2018).

Book chapters and reference entries

1. “Social Movements in Contemporary Political Economy: Lessons from YOLO Retail Investors”, in Activist Retail Investors and the Future of Financial Markets: Understanding YOLO Capitalism, eds. Usman W. Chohan and Sven Van Kerckhoven (Routledge) (2023).

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7. “New Trends in the Non-Profit Sector in Australia: A Greater Involvement in Employment and Social Policies”, in The Non-Profit Sector in a Changing Economy, OECD (OECD) (2003).

Journal articles

1. “Gender as a discovery process: Social construction, markets, and gender”, (with Akiva Malamet), Cosmos+Taxis (forthcoming).

2. “Crypto altruism: Applying blockchain to charitable and humanitarian activities”, Chinese Public Administration Review (forthcoming).

3. “Emancipatory liberalism of Steven Horwitz: The case of women’s economic status”, Journal of Private Enterprise (forthcoming).

4. “Coercive advantage”, Review of Austrian Economics (forthcoming).

5. “Gene Sharp and social movements”, Independent Review (forthcoming).

6. “Constitutional catallaxy and indigenous rights: The Australian case”, Journal of Institutional Economics 19 (1): 36-51 (2023).

7. “Conceptions of utopia in modern liberal thought: Is there a liberal utopia?”, Utopian Studies 33 (1): 144-160 (2022).

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25. “Deirdre McCloskey, Kirznerian Growth and The Role of Social Networks: Comment”, Economic Affairs 36 (2): 217-220 (2016).

Book reviews

1. “Peter Boettke The Struggle for a Better World“, Journal of the History of Economic Thought 44 (2): 313-315 (2022).

2. “Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili and Ilia Murtazashvili Land, the State, and War: Property Institutions and Political Order in Afghanistan”, Independent Review 26 (4) (2022).

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6. “Ben Cobley The Tribe: The Liberal-Left and the System of Diversity”, Cosmos+Taxis 6 (1+2): 88-96 (2018).

7. “Richard E. Wagner Politics as a Peculiar Business: Insights from a Theory of Entangled Political Economy”, Cato Journal 37 (1): 179-184 (2017).

Academic presentations

1. “Polycentric peace”, (with Yahya Alshamy and Nathan Goodman) (April 2023), Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference.

2. “Communication within a framework of entangled innovation: The case of hydrogen decarbonization online discourse”, (March 2023), Entangled Political Economy Research Network.

3. “Dramaturgical Wagner”, (November 2021), Entangled Political Economy Research Network.

4. “Conceptions of Utopia in Liberal Thought”, (November 2020), Australian Research Network for Utopian Studies.

5. “Ostromian Social Movements”, (November 2020), Arizona State University, Center for the Study of Economic Liberty, Voluntary Governance Conference.

6. “Social Movements and Liberal Political Economy”, (October 2020), Institute for Humane Studies.

7. “RMIT approach to blockchain empirical science”, (April 2019), “Foundations of Blockchain Empirical Science” Workshop, RMIT University.

8. “From Industry Associations to Ecosystem Associations: Blockchain, Interest Groups and Public Choice”, (December 2018), Australasian Public Choice Society Conference, RMIT University (with Chris Berg, Jason Potts and Stuart Thomas).

9. “The cost of trust”, (October 2018), Australian Academy of the Humanities “Trust and Its Discontents” Workshop, RMIT University.

10. “Crypto-altruism: Some economic considerations”, (August 2018), “Blockchain and Philanthropy” Workshop, RMIT University.

Professional editorial activities

1. Editor, Special Issue of Cosmos+Taxis (“Symposium on Prof. Peter Boettke’s F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy”) 7 (5-6) (2020).

2. Co-editor, Special Section of Economic Papers (“Economics of Blockchain Technology”) (with Rachel Ong Viforj and Ashton de Silva) 39 (2) (2019).

3. Contributing Editorial Board Member, Cosmos+Taxis.


Public Choice; Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization; Journal of Institutional EconomicsReview of Austrian Economics; Constitutional Political EconomyJournal of Economic Issues; Information Polity; European Journal of Law and Economics; Journal of Contextual Economics (Schmollers Jahrbuch); Journal of Private Enterprise; Cosmos+Taxis; Chinese Public Administration Review; Journal of Digital Social Research; Palgrave Macmillan publishing; Routledge publishing.

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