New: “Social Movements and Liberal Political Economy” (under contract, Lexington Books)


A contract has been signed with Lexington Books (within the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing group) to prepare my second book. As the working title implies, the objective of the book is to provide a perspective of the characteristics of social movements, and their implications for social change, through the lens of classical liberal theory and analysis. Taking recent theoretical developments in institutional diversity and voluntary governance, including the existence of polycentric social systems, this book seeks to illuminate how social movements inspire and catalyse changes extending the domain of human freedom in its social, economic and political guises.

This is a new, and important, project for our times, and it is important that liberals be a part of the scholarly conversation about the properties and impacts of social movements. Social movements are an important element of civil society, and their activities have motivated much of the economic, political and social liberalisation enjoyed by ever-greater numbers of people globally. Their activities are also interpretable through the intellectual focal-lens of Austrian, Bloomington and Viriginian political economy.

Delivery is scheduled for mid-2021.